Summer: Snapshots and Reflections

It’s that time again, the last few days of August are long gone and we are now in the midst of the Autumn/Winter months. Admittedly this is VERY late going up, but since going back to university I have had so little time to do anything at all! But where does the summer actually go? I finished university for summer early May and found myself thinking: ‘what am I supposed to do with 4 and a half months off?’. With nothing planned other than taking a well-earned break and catching up on Netflix I needed to plan out my summer. I spent time working, going on holiday, visiting new places with friends and finally conquering the HUGE ‘to be read’ pile on my bookshelf.


I had never been to Newcastle before the two days we spent here. We went to visit my friend for a very early birthday get together as trying to match all our schedules up was a nightmare! But nevertheless, we all got to Newcastle and had a lovely time. We went to Whitley Bay one evening and watched the sunset on the beach and I was amazed at how beautiful it was, because I had never seen a beach sunset! (How weird is that?) The next day we went into the city, and explored the quayside and saw (and took a photo) on the Tyne Bridge (what’s the point of visiting if you don’t act like a tourist?). I loved it, and will definitely be making another trip soon!

Summer Holiday: Torquay, Devon

I was lucky enough this year to also go away with my family during the summer. We went to Torquay, Devon and The Lake District, both of which were beautiful. Anyone that saw my Instagram while I was on holiday knows how picture perfect Devon was, but I’m going to insert some pictures anyway because I am still not over how pretty it was.

I loved taking all these holiday snaps, and the scenery was so beautiful, how could I not?


Finally, I took a trip to London with my friends in early August. We went for three days and managed to cram quite a lot into those three days! We went to Oxford Street (of course!) for dinner and to have look around in the evening. We were all totally amazed at how busy it was at 9pm – the streets were still lined with tourists as if it was mid afternoon!

On our second day, we decided to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a place of vast interest to us as Literature students, but also somewhere none of us had ever been. We went on a tour of the theatre and learnt so much about the history of Shakespeare and the Globe. We then made our way down the riverside towards Tate Modern, a personal highlight of the trip! Seeing so much modern and contemporary art was amazing. (got to see a Monet in real life!!!). We made our way to Sloane Square as one of our friends wanted to visit The Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, meanwhile, the rest of us found a cafe to admire the sights of Chelsea from. (I found my dream house I’ll never be able to afford…). We then went to South Kensington to find somewhere to eat dinner, and after settling on Gourmet Burger Kitchen, bumped into Johnny Marr from The Smiths! (admittedly I wouldn’t have even known unless Beth hadn’t been with us.) But nonetheless, it was exciting! (mostly for Beth, she nearly died!). It was so lovely to visit London, it was exciting navigating our way around on the underground, and seeing places I had never been before!

Until next time,

Jenna xox

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