Autumn: Reflections

I love every season for different reasons, but there is something about Autumn that makes me particularly excited about being outside. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the colour of the leaves on the trees or the crisp autumn air (omg what a cliché) but autumn just feels like a time to start all over again.

This year Autumn brought with it that exact feeling of starting fresh. I started a new job, and I went back to university as a second year student, and I truly felt like I was able to start all over again (in a good way).


Semester 1 of university gave me a brand new perspective on a lot of things (read about all of that in a little bit more detail on another one of my blog posts here: But mainly, it made me realise the importance of keeping uni and friendships well-balanced. This semester me and my friends had VERY different timetables, and after being so used to seeing each other all the time in lectures and seminars in first year it came as a huge shock to be apart. This obviously meant that we had to consciously make the time and effort to see each other, which was difficult as our timetables often clashed. However, we worked it all out and if anything it’s made me realise how important it is to actually make that extra bit of effort, I’m not sure I realised how much I needed my friends day-to-day until I wasn’t seeing them all the time.


York during Autumn is also one of the prettiest places ever, and I had the best time taking photos of the leaves changing colour:

I snapped these photos while at uni, and the Quad just looked B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I have so many more, but unfortunately I cannot find them anywhere on my computer, but I think all of the old buildings in York make all the colourful leaves on the trees really stand out. My Friend Claire is also quite the photographer, and we love going out and taking photos, check out her Instagram for pretty pictures and lots of bookish things: 

Snapshots: Halloween and Bonfire Night

The run-up to Christmas is always the best, there are so many things to look forward to! This year me and my friends had a small gathering for Halloween, I dressed up as a witch! I think most of the fun in Halloween is getting dressed up to go out! I’m still kinda sad I can no longer go trick-or-treating! Illuminating York is a three-day?? (I think it’s three days) city-wide event where a lot of the buildings and famous streets in York are lit up! This year there was an event called ‘Lumen’ on at York St. John which was really pretty. Definately worth a trip to see if you live close to York.

Anyway, until next time!

Jenna xox

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