2017: Resolutions and Aspirations

Hello! It is a new year, and therefore the perfect opportunity for promises of fresh starts and new aspirations for the year ahead! So I thought I would share with you a few of my New Years Resolutions!

  1. Pass my Driving Test: I live kind of out of the way, and while I’m lucky that I live on a bus route and it’s easy for me to get the bus into York every day (when I need to), life would be so much much easier if I could drive and had access to a car!🚗
  2. Try harder at university: While I am by no means doing badly grade-wise at uni, I know that there is a lot more I could be doing to really maximise my chances of getting higher grades! The realisation that 2nd year actually counts is really starting to hit home, and I desperately want to leave university with a first-class degree.🎓
  3. Read a minimum of 30 non-uni related books: All the way through A-Levels and the 1st year of uni, I really struggled to read any books that weren’t related to what I was studying and this year I want to change that! I know it’s a small amount but I know that it’s achievable!📚
  4. Save more money: I’m a spend-a-holic, need I say anymore?💸
  5. Work on self-confidence: This is such a broad and ongoing goal and I think that a lot of people don’t pick this up when they first meet me, but I am so shy, and don’t really have a lot of confidence in my own ability to do anything really! However, it is really starting to hinder me, and this year I want to try and conquer my shyness and become a little bit more self-confident!💪🏼

Until next time!

Jenna xox

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