Second Year: Semester 2

Hello! Apologies for the lack of blog posts, but since going back to uni in January I have been suuuuper busy. But since I have come to the end of semester 2 of second year (and am now inevitably approaching the pressures and chaos of third year) I thought I’d write an update.

While second semester of second year has not been as much of a learning curve as semester one seemed, I have, of course, learnt so many invaluable things this semester. The modules I picked were: Conflicting Words – a module that looks at writing about various different conflicts and wars from WWI, Spanish and Irish Civil Wars right up to 9/11. It’s been such an interesting module to study, because of the historical context surrounding each book we studied, I came away after every class feeling like I had learnt so much, not just the literary aspects of a book. I also picked Romantic Period Writing – this is pretty self-explanatory and despite having my doubts about how interesting this module would be, I am really enjoying looking at the literature of a time period I’d never even heard of before. (I discovered my new fave writer on this module – Charlotte Smith. Her Elegiac Sonnets are beautifully written). Lastly, I took Gothic & Horror – This module has completely changed my perspective on ‘Gothic’ and ‘Horror’ writing. I studied the ‘Elements of Gothic’ option at A Level and studied ‘classic’ Gothic texts like Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and John Webster’s The White Devil. Both of which were incredibly interesting but very much followed the stereotypical ‘Gothic’ tropes. On the Gothic & Horror module at uni this semester we’ve studied texts such as Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, Selected short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin – all of which are so different, and equally as interesting.

Aside from all the academic stuff, I’m starting to learn how to separate ‘work’ time and time for doing my own thing. I’m really bad at mixing the two (working lunches and not giving myself regular breaks are my downfalls). But, the past semester has taught me a few things! The first being that I’ve finally admitted to myself that I cannot continue to have such terrible time management in my third year because it is not good for my mental wellbeing/sanity. A deadline extension has proved to me that despite thinking I am an essay writing queen (starting my essay 2 days before the deadline) I cannot, and will not EVER reach my full potential by doing so. The last minute stress-fuelled all-day library sessions have got to stop. (like literally who have I become?!). On the upside though, I have never been more excited for another year a uni, I can’t wait to get my third year reading lists and find out what I’ll be studying! I’m more optimistic about my degree now, than I ever have been. ☺️

Jenna x

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